Organic fertilizers are beneficial to the soil.  Alpaca Poo Brew works like a power shake for plants, helping them grow stronger and more productive and, evidence suggest, holding diseases at bay. Alpaca Poo Brew is the water that alpaca poop is brewed in.  Alpaca Poo Brew is much less aromatic than other manure teas.  It's also less likely to "burn" your plants.   The great thing about manure tea is that you can vary the strength of your solution easily. 

Tips for Using Alpaca Poo Brew 

1. Dip every new plant before it goes into the ground. Dip root ball until bubbles stop rising to the top of the tea's container.
2. Fill holes before you plant.
3. Administer at soil level on all plants.
4. Some plants do well with foliar feeding (having foliage sprayed) Add 1/8 tsp. vegetable oil or dishwashing liquid to each gallon of tea before spraying to help tea stick to the leaves.
5. Use in hydroponic systems.
6. Can be put in spray
bottles or watering cans for easy application.
The Scoop On Poop!

      Brewing Instructions    

Place Bootleg Alpaca Brew tea bag in 1 - 5 gallon container.  Fill with water, cover, and allow to brew 1 - 3 days.  
Your Alpaca Poo Brew is ready when it resembles ordinary sun tea.

*Alpaca Poo Brew is a fertilizer and is not intended for human consumption. Duh, but felt I should make that clear.

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